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Since we have more time for JDK 7...
... what about JSR 310 (Date & Time API)? It was excluded since it was not stable enough for the deadline, but maybe now it could make for it?
Using Apple Keynote to create presentations
No, this is not a tutorial about Apple Keynote, but a first impression from me, who have just used it for the first time.Historically, I've always made presentations with Powerpoint (up to  2001) and OpenOffice Impress (since 2001). So far so go
forceTen 0.5.0 released
forceTen has gotten the first public release and it's now possible to download it both as a binary application and as a project to compile from sources (in addition to the cloning of the source repository). Also, I've set up the mailing lists, a user
Fixing two problems with Maven + Mercurial + Hudson: second take
In the past weekend I've been able to improve the settings for automated Maven releases that I've blogged about about ten days ago. Peter Mount complemented the information with some practical examples on how to use that stuff invoking Maven with the
You can read my Hudson configuration
After the latest upgrade of my Hudson instance, I noticed that a new option in the security matrix appeared: it allows anonymous visitors to have a (read only) look at a job configuration, if the administrator allows it. I think it's a great feature
Fixing two problems with Maven + Mercurial + Hudson
Today I've made some improvements with my Mercurial + Maven + Hudson setup - and reached a new level of karma, being able to do automated releases. Let's go in order. First let me recap what happens with the Maven release plugin (mvn release:prepare
Kick your bugs in the ass!
Just installed a fundamental Hudson plugin.
First public statement by Oracle about NetBeans? Or not?
Masoud Kalali just pointed me and other NBDT fellows to this document by Oracle, which contains some more details about the future of many Sun products after the buy is completed. One paragraph is relevant to NetBeans:Oracle has a strong track record
Elmo, a Semantic Entity Manager
My last post about my use of semantic technologies in my projects dates back to several months ago - it's high time I get on, also taking the chance of a presentation I've held a couple of days ago at the JavaDay Verona. Today I'm going to
Getting rid of MVC
A few days ago I started a series of post about one of the idioms I'm using with my NetBeans Platform projects, which is the "Pluggable TopComponent". It is the result of a few months of design exercises started with MVC. As I mentioned in my first p

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