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Speaking at Jfokus 2010
My presentation about exposing Domain Models through RESTful Web-Services has been accepted at JFokus, a Java conference to happen in January 2010 in the Kingdom of Sweden. The presentation will be the result of my experiences designing and implement
JPA Join Table with additional state
JPA has its puzzles and from time to time it is useful to write down that tricky solution for our mapping needs.This entry describes a ManyToMany relationship with an additional state in the intermediate table. All my examples are related to the Aren
Java EE Continuous Integration powered by Maven & Glassfish
Can you compile, deploy and test your Java EE projects with just 1 line of command? Check it out. I have no time for documentations lately, but I prefer to give you a chance to early adopt my build script and take your own conclusions. Following the
Failed to serialize hudson.model.Actionable#actions for class hudson.maven.MavenBuild
The problem I just started a new Glassfish v2.1 and deployed a Hudson 1.327 on it. Unfortunatelly, after configuring my first build, it always failed due to a serialization problem: [INFO] ----------------------------------------------------------
The pedantic guide for a RESTful Registration Use Case
Registration is one of most implemented use cases ever, but things get a bit different when you try to implement it in a RESTful Web-Service. Before I start the discussion about the registration use case, a list of terms for disambiguation: Applica
Handling Poison Messages with Glassfish
Poison messages are basically delivery deadlocks caused by a continuous redelivery of a message to a JMS Queue or Topic. That usually happens due to a code bug or configuration problems in the project. How to reproduce poison messages The easiest wa
URL patterns are more flexible in Jersey than in the web.xml
Rule of thumb: Avoid to use {variables} as the first path of a Jersey's @Path I am working on the Arena PUJ Project, a RESTful web-service to support PUJ competitions. We are in the early stages of the project but we already got some resources publis
Long or int to declare JPA numeric primary keys?
I have just two arguments to avoid using long as type of the primary keys of JPA Entities: Integers IDs allow tables with ~2 billion records. Yes, you read well: max(Integer) = 2,147,483,647 the JPA pagination methods only acce
A REST project with Glassfish
I am working out a new pet project, an online system to support PUJ Competitions. It is still a work under progress and I plan to start to blog some technical results here, but until that glorious free time I would give you a glimpse about
Have a nice weekend java.net
java.net is evolving to a more sophisticated and modern infra-structure, so I hope to see you all on Monday :) For the last few years, java.net portal is supporting for free my blogs and my

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