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Quarterly Royalty Statement
Format Net Units Net Sales Royalty % Net Royalty -------- -------- -------- -------- -------- Book 4,019 53,009.79 10.000 5,300.98 License 2 89.41 10.000 8.94 On-Line Access 3 3,573.06 10.000 357.31
Constraints are an interesting way to write programs. In a constraint system, instead of listing a jumble of instructions, you declare a set of relationships which when solved yields an answer. Amazing things have been done with constraint s
Since the beginning, browser makers have been forced to lie in order to protect themselves from incompetent web developers. This can be seen most clearly in the userAgent string. The Mozilla browser has gone extinct, yet most browsers identify thems
OAth - It's the best that the wrong way of doing things can provide. Mike Stay Web security is like medicine - trying to do good for an evolved body of kludgesMark Miller
Entry for March 7-8, 2005: Digital Living Room: Where Silicon Valley and Hollywood Meet
I talked with the CTO of a company that makes DLNA devices. I told him about the problem I found in the DLNA Guidelines: The DLNA home network becomes a vector for delivering viruses, assault advertising, and spam programming to every digi
Behavior and Harm
ECIS (European Committee for Interoperable Systems) published Microsoft: A History of Anticompetitive Behavior and Consumer Harm. It outlines Microsoft's bad behavior, and argues that consumers have been harmed by it. My problem with
Quarterly Royalty Statement
Format Net Units Net Sales Royalty % Net Royalty -------- -------- -------- -------- -------- 3rd Party Translation 2 1,850.00 25.000 1,500.00 Book 2,969 38,852.
Death From Above!
As you know, when I travel, news happens. Here is a news report from April 18: A Turkish Airlines Airbus A340-300, registration TC-JDK performing flight TK-2 from New York JFK,NY (USA) to Istanbul Ataturk (Turkey) with 185 passeng
I was looking at a page about me at, and I was interested to see this comment: 不得不说,我葱白他。 According to Yahoo's Babelfish it means Can not but say, my onion in vain he. Google's translation is Have to s
The Fifth Edition
The official name for the project known as ES3.1 will be ECMAScript, Fifth Edition. There will not be a Fourth edition; the project known as ES4 was never completed.

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