.NET 2 Design Patterns and SOA: Implementing in C#
Web Services Edge 2005 East: SOA


Richard Hale Shaw is a Microsoft MVP for Visual C#, and a member of the C# Customer Council: a group of hand-picked experts who consult to the C# Team at Microsoft regarding new features and new directions in the C# Programming Language. He's the CEO of the Richard Hale Shaw Group, and a consultant and lecturer who focuses on Managed Code development of distributed systems with the C# Language and the .NET Framework. He's a frequent INETA speaker, and Chair of C# Live.


Service-Oriented Architectures are all the rage. But it's one thing to talk about them, another to design them, and yet another to implement them. What Patterns can you use to design the external interfaces of a Web Service, and keep it service-oriented? How do you avoid the tight-coupling in functionality and time of traditional RPC, and instead achieve the loose-coupling of functionality and response found in a document-centric web service? What Patterns can be used to design the internals of a web service, and keep it light-weight and flexible? In this session we'll analyze a service-oriented document-distribution system to learn what types of patterns you can use and how to take advantage of them. And you'll see a complete implementation in C#, which will demonstrate the versatility of the .NET Framework and the tools used to implement the service.

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