Developing Web Services Using Java Technology
Web Services Edge 2005 East: FREE Java Tutorial

Aaron Williams is the executive relations manager for the Java Community Process at Sun Microsystems. He is responsible for leading both Executive Committees of the JCP, including serving as spec lead on all changes to the JCP process and participation agreement. Prior to joining Sun, Aaron was a Founder and CEO of an enhanced television production company, which used standard Java platforms and APIs to deliver interactive content to the television. Mr. Williams has been heavily involved with Java platforms since the earliest days, using early releases of the language to complete his thesis for an MS in Computer Science from Case Western Reserve University.

Why do developers favor Java technology for developing Web services? Java technology is the most ready platform for Web services and service-oriented architectures, complete with interoperability, platform independence, and security built-in. This tutorial will review several Java technologies for Web services standards that have been developed or are currently being updated through the Java Community Process sm (JCP sm) program as JSRs - Java API for XML-based RPC (JAX-RPC), Java API for XML Binding (JAXB), Java API for XML Processing (JAXP), Java API for XML Registries (JAXR), JSR 109, Implementing Java Web Services, JSR 172, J2ME Web Services and JSR 173, The Streaming API for XML (StAX). Also to be highlighted: JSR 244, Java 2 Platform, Enterprise, Edition 5.0 Specification, JSR 181,Web Services Metadata for the Java Plaform, JSR 208, and Java Business Integration.

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