Migrating Enterprise Applications Between J2EE Application Servers
Web Services Edge 2005 East: J-7

Ajit Sagar is a senior technical archiect with Infosys Technologies, Ltd., a global consulting and IT services company. Ajit has been working with Java since 1997, and has more than 15 years’ experience in the IT industry. Ajit has served as JDJ’s J2EE editor, was the founding editor of XML-Journal, and has been a frequent speaker at SYS-CON’s Web Services Edge series of conferences. He has published more than 75 articles.

This session will provide guidelines, best practices, and a methodology to tackle a problem that is sapping the budgets of enterprise that have invested heavily in J2EE technology - the migration of enterprise applications between J2EE application servers. The strategy and planning for such initiatives is very complex and requires planning in advance. Enterprise applications, once deployed, have a multitude of dependencies, besides the dependency on Java APIs. The drivers for migration can include version upgrades, corporate agenda, maintenance costs, industry alliances, rapid upgrades to the J2EE platform APIs, etc. A planned migration ensures a successful implementation while minimizing the impact. This session will describe a strategy to plan for the migration of large portfolios of applications between application server vendors, between application server versions, and between hardware platforms. Real world examples of how this strategy has been applied in the industry will be provided.

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