The Transformation of SiteRefresh into a Web Service
Web Services Edge 2005 East: CS-6

Keenan Ross is the vice president of engineering at Refresh Software. A 20-year veteran of the software industry, he contributes significant expertise in architecture and design of large-scale, distributed, enterprise-class applications.

Refresh Software is one of the industry's leading CMS vendors, offering a unique Core Content Management approach. The company's flagship product, SiteRefresh, promotes a decoupled component-based enterprise architecture, permitting it to be easily deployed in existing environments. This case study follows the recent transformation of SiteRefresh from an integrated application to a component in a services-oriented architecture. Focusing on the engineering aspects, the presentation will cover the architecture of the product, the design choices and decisions, and implementation techniques. Business drivers, risks, planning, staffing, and engineering effort will also be discussed. The initiative should be substantially complete by the date of the conference, allowing the session to conclude with a postmortem analysis of the Web services effort.

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