Service-Oriented Development on NetKernel- Patterns, Processes & Products to Reduce System Complexity
Web Services Edge 2005 East: CS-3

Peter Rodgers is the founder and CEO of 1060 Research and architect of the 1060 NetKernel XML Application Server. Prior to starting 1060 he established and led Hewlett-Packard’s XML research program and provided strategic consultancy to Hewlett Packard’s software businesses. Peter holds a PhD in solid-state quantum mechanics from the University of Nottingham.

Web services hold great promise for exposing functionality to the outside world. They allow organizations to quickly connect disparate systems in a platform-neutral manner. The real challenge occurs when Web services need to address the underlying complexity and inflexibility of the systems they connect together. While Web services provide an interface to connect systems ? there remains the increasing complexity of the applications you have built, and are currently building, which sits behind those interfaces.1060 NetKernel applies the underlying architectural principles of the Web and Web services together with Unix-like scheduling and pipelines to provide radical flexibility and improved simplicity by providing a platform to apply service-oriented architecture throughout your application environment. Developed through the exploration of some of the most complex Internet commerce systems, 1060 NetKernel will allow you to apply service oriented abstraction to any application, component, or service.

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