The Microsoft Framework: An Agile Software Development Process for Building Web Service Applications
Web Services Edge 2005 East: .NET-4


Granville Miller is an architect and process authority for MSF on the Visual Studio team at Microsoft. As a software developer and architect, Randy has spent more than 17 years in the industry, working at companies such as IBM, TogetherSoft, and Borland.


Creating solutions of any size based on Web services requires an understanding of the entire software life cycle. It is no longer acceptable to just hope the final system comes together. Instead, designing for deployment, performance, and security is necessary at the outset. In addition, the system must be closely aligned with business objectives to provide the necessary return on investment. This session looks at the new Microsoft Software Development process, MSF Agile, a context-based software development process for building Web service applications. We will concentrate on practical and concrete techniques that can help you build better-performing, secure, and deployable Web service solutions.

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