How to Bulletproof Your Web Services
Web Services Edge 2005 East: WS-4


David McCaw has over eight years of experience in helping software development teams improve quality throughout the development process. Over the last three years, he has led the Parasoft Web Services Solutions team, which has developed an industry-leading approach for Web services testing. He has implemented Web service quality solutions for development groups in organizations such as Sabre-Holdings, Yahoo!, Overture, and McGraw-Hill. McCaw has an extensive background in the areas of Java and Web service reliability, performance, and security. He is involved with OASIS and WS-I, and is a frequent speaker at industry events.


Web services are gaining industry-wide acceptance and usage and are moving from proof-of-concept deployments to actual usage in mission-critical enterprise applications. Web services range from major services such as storage management and customer relationship management to much more limited services such as furnishing stock quotes or providing weather information. As companies and consumers begin to rely more and more on Web services, the need for developing reliable, high-quality Web services is even stronger. This session will explain issues specific to Web services and will illustrate solid engineering and testing practices required to ensure complete Web service functionality, interoperability, and security. Whether creating Web services from scratch or integrating a legacy back-end server via Web services, the practices and principles outlined in this session will be of great benefit.

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