JCP Program: How the Java Technology Binary Software Standard Is Managed and Evolves
Web Services Edge 2005 East: J-11

Onno Kluyt is chair of Java Community Process (JCP) Program, Senior Director, JCP Program and Jini Program, Sun Microsystems. Onno leads the Program Office for the JCP, which oversees the process, manages its membership, guides specification leads and experts through the process, leads the Executive Committee meetings, and manages the Web site. Onno also heads up the JINI program, including JINI technology and JINI community.

Why a Java technology standard? Why technology communities? This session will explore the circle of adoption and business opportunity from an IT Manager and IT developer perspective, as well as, how Java technology fits into these circles, and the significance of conformance and the 'Write Once, Run Anywhere' promise. This session will also examine the role the Java Community Process (JCP) program plays by carefully focusing on binary compatibility and bringing together the community to agree on standards and the results of this effort - multiple implementations from many sources based on Java technology.

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