Use Aspect-Oriented Middleware to Deliver "Rich" Web Services
Web Services Edge 2005 East: J-3B

Dr. Michael Juntao Yuan is an author, developer, and software architect for end-to-end mobile software. He is a contributing editor to JDJ and a frequent contributor to many developer forums and publications. He is the author of two books. Michael has a PhD from the University of Texas at Austin and teaches information systems at the college level.

Web services are ideal for integrating third-party services into your applications. However, SOAP-based Web services are based on the request-response model like most Web sites. To provide finely grained functionalities, the RPC API is often very verbose and requires multiple network round-trips to perform a simple task. That has posed a performance problem and a reliability problem for rich client applications, especially mobile clients that consume those Web services. In this talk, I will discuss how middleware solutions, such as Eclipse RCP and OSGi mobile, can help make Web services more efficient via intelligent client-side proxies. The new generation of lightweight aspect-oriented middleware, such as the JBoss microcontainer, makes it very easy to provision and utilize services in rich clients.

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