The Impact of JBoss and Mono on the Application Server Market
Web Services Edge 2005 East: J-6

Pierre Fricke, D.H. Brown’s vice president of Application and Integration Infrastructure, extends the company’s unique technical and strategic analysis into the J2EE, Microsoft .NET, and integration infrastructure space. After completing his M.B.A., Pierre became one of the leading strategists and marketing leaders in IBM focusing on interoperability, integration, WebSphere, Windows NT, UNIX, as well as Linux and open source.

Linux and Apache drove a dramatic change in the server operating system and Web server marketplaces. These areas, dominated by Microsoft and Sun in the late 1990s, now see leading open source alternatives challenging these leaders. But open source's impact doesn't stop there. JBoss, the open source J2EE platform, is becoming the high-volume leader in the J2EE application space. More recently, Mono, the open source implementation of Microsoft .NET, promises to be a main strategic item for Novell. Mono may extend Microsoft's hegemony into Linux and open-source by countering J2EE's cross-platform strategic advantage.

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