B2B Policy Enforcement: The Third Rail of SOA Implementation
Web Services Edge 2005 East: WS-6

Alistair Farquharson is the CTO of Digital Evolution, where he spearheads product development and provides thought leadership to enterprise customers implementing Web services. His skills span many industries and include designing and implementing system architectures, as well as spearheading initiatives such as development/team lead. He is an expert in custom application development, distributed environments, architecting scalable hardware and software applications and systems, and Web services application development.

One of the great benefits of a service-oriented architecture is the ability it gives you to extend programmatic integration capabilities to business partners. Going beyond simple sharing of data with partners, SOA enables true B2B application integration. At the same time, this capability creates a vexing security policy enforcement dilemma. How can you be sure that a user from a partner organization is actually authorized to integrate with your applications? How can you authenticate that user? Do you even want that headache in the first place? This session will discuss the issues that arise in B2B security policy enforcement and explore several proven approaches to solving the problem. In particular, it will focus on the emerging technology of XML Virtual Private Networks (XML-VPNs) and their potential to mitigate security policy enforcement issues in B2B SOA implementations.

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