Using SOA and Web Services to Issue Business Licenses in the District of Columbia
Web Services Edge 2005 East: CS-8

Roberta P. Bortolottiti’s areas of expertise include system analysis, Web design, Web development, Web services, and Web services security. She holds a Masters Degree in Information Systems from Strayer University and her thesis was on Web Service Security. In addition, Ms. Bortolotti has experience in project management and localization. She brings unique insight, having developed Web sites for Nestle and Coca Cola of Brazil.

The Basic Business License Web-based application of the District of Columbia enables the processing and issuance of business licenses. The licenses are issued according to business activity and transformed into business endorsement categories. In this project, SDDM Technology participated in the development of an n-tier application. The SDDM Technology team was responsible for the business logic and the data access tiers. The team applied Microsoft's .NET technology to develop the business rules. ADO.NET was used in conjunction with Oracle packages to access and manipulate data from the data tier (Oracle database). Data was requested from and passed to the Presentation Layer (Java technology) using SOAP/XML. In short, the District of Columbia business license problem was resolved using service-oriented architecture and Web services, taking advantage of the available technologies.

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