WS Track - Driving SOA Governance
SOA Governance, Specifically How An Organization Can Manage And Control Assets And Artifacts Located Within An Enterprise the past year,Web services and service-oriented architectures (SOAs) have become mainstream because of their ability to provide business agility and flexibility through integration, productivity, and reuse. With SOA enablement on the rise, IT groups must address SOA governance as a means of controlling what and how services located within an SOA are deployed. This session will discuss SOA governance, specifically how an organization can manage and control assets and artifacts located within an enterprise, while ensuring that deployed assets meet an organization's business and technical architectural standards. It will also outline governance best practices such as monitoring the UDDI publish process in order to seamlessly tie together the development and operational views of Web services within the enterprise.

About Brent Carlson
Brent Carlson is vice president of technology and cofounder of LogicLibrary, a provider of software development asset (SDA) management tools. He is the coauthor of two books: San Francisco Design Patterns: Blueprints for Business Software (with James Carey and Tim Graser) and Framework Process Patterns: Lessons Learned Developing Application Frameworks (with James Carey). He also holds 16 software patents, with eight more currently under evaluation.

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