.NET Track - An Introduction to SQL Server Reporting Services
The Fundamentals Of Creating And Deploying Reports Using Visual Studio

With the release of Reporting Services, Microsoft provides a rich comprehensive platform for creating, storing, managing, publishing, and securing reports. This session provides a general overview of Reporting Services and reviews the components and architecture associated with it. You will learn the steps necessary to install, set up, maintain, and secure a Reporting Services solution. This session demonstrates the fundamentals of creating and deploying reports using Visual Studio. It concludes with a discussion of on-demand and subscription-based report distribution.

About Dan Clark
Dan is a Microsoft Certified Trainer, Microsoft Certified Solution Developer, and a Microsoft Certified Database Administrator. For the past seven years he has been developing applications and training others how to develop applications using Microsoft technologies. Dan has been developing and training Microsoft's .NET technologies since the early betas. He has recently authored the book "An Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming with Visual Basic .NET," published by Apress.

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