Quite an Arsenal !
Quite an Arsenal !

Technology is changing fast, and PowerBuilder is changing with it. Back when I was coding with PowerBuilder 2, HTML was still on the drawing board, and open application servers, XML, and other contemporary technologies hadn't even been thought of. Sybase's flagship development tool has changed a lot since then. If you pulled an early PB developer out of cryonic freeze, he or she wouldn't even recognize it. Did you know that PB can already be used to develop Web services? And soon you'll be able to easily generate XML from DataWindows and even import it? PowerBuilder 9 is just around the corner. It won't do everything, but it's a leap forward in the area of application interoperability.

EAServer is also advancing in leaps and bounds. The strides made from EAS3 to 4.1x are impressive. In just a few years it's gone from a first-generation application server, with all the usual blood and tears, to a mature and powerful product. One of the few survivors out of dozens of hopefuls that flooded the market three years ago. Though mature in its foundational features, Sybase continues to add new features to EAServer at an alarming rate. If I find it difficult to keep up with the myriad of standards being formed, imagine what it's like for the Sybase engineers who strive to implement them! Believe it or not, EAServer 5 will soon be here.

PowerBuilder, Enterprise Application Server, PowerDesigner, Adaptive Server Enterprise, Adaptive Server Anywhere - these are Sybase's core software development set. It's an impressive lineup! Add in the middleware, connectivity, warehousing, and intelligence products, and you have quite an arsenal. To top it off, Sybase's policy of developing "open" products means that these can be implemented with the best of breed in just about any category.

Stay tuned to PBDJ. In upcoming issues we'll provide some great information and insights into PowerBuilder 9 and forthcoming EAServer releases, including EAServer 5.

If you are one of the fortunate few thousand who get to attend TechWave, congratulations. Attending is the highlight of my year. Not only do I get to see people I may see only once a year and to attend sessions on a broad variety of topics, I also have the privilege of sharing my insights and experiences by teaching sessions and hobnobbing with thousands of my closest friends. If you see me, feel free to introduce yourself. I'd love to hear what you have to say about PBDJ, Sybase products, the industry in general, and emerging technologies. If you get a chance, come to my session - "Maximizing Individual and Team Productivity."

Just a few months ago I was lamenting the dearth of PowerBuilder titles at Barnes & Noble and other major bookstores. Since then I've had the honor of joining a few other big names in the PowerBuilder world in writing and editing two major books. Both are being written with PowerBuilder 9 features in mind, and are intended to be the books every PowerBuilder and/or EAServer developer should have. The books are tentatively titled PowerBuilder Advanced Client/Server Development and PowerBuilder Distributed Application Development. Top industry experts are writing on the topics they know better than anyone else, so these books will be very good. For more info go to www.pb9books.com.

About John Olson
John D. Olson is a principal of Developower, Inc., a consulting company specializing in software solutions using Sybase development tools. A CPD Professional and charter member of TeamSybase, he is co-editor and author of two PB9 books, and the recipient of the ISUG Innovation and Achievement Award for 2003.

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